CEP Consulting LLC provides the following services

Campaign Reporting Compliance

As a Campaign Compliance Specialist, I review contributions and disbursements for political committees and candidates to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations and Campaign Finance laws. I also review the periodic reports required by the FEC and State regulatory agencies and advise on non-financial regulations as they apply to political campaigns.

Parliamentarian Services

As a parliamentarian, I assist officers of organizations in the application of parliamentary procedure for the orderly conduct of business.

I have acted as parliamentarian for the Maine State Democratic Committee and for two Maine State Democratic Conventions. I have also been parliamentarian for regional and national conventions of professional organizations and I am currently parliamentarian for the New England Region branch of the National Association of Parliamentarians.

“Good parliamentary procedure is based on sound democratic principles and respect for the dignity of the individual. ”

From NAP pamphlet: “Need a solution for your long, disorganized meetings?”

Moderator Services

I have moderated Town Meetings and School Budget Meetings. A professional Moderator can be helpful in those situations as a neutral third party when debating contentious issues and/or officers wish to be able to take part in the debate.


I offer two-day and one-day seminars on how to effectively use Roberts Rules of Order as a presiding officer and as a participant in meetings. These can be crafted to highlight areas of particular interest to the group and include handouts on specific areas of interest.

Rules and Bylaws

I will draft and/or review organizational rules and bylaws. I will also issue professional parliamentary opinions based on the  rules and/or bylaws adopted by the organization and in accordance with generally accepted parliamentary principles.

Notable Links

American Institute of Parliamentarians http://aipparl.org/
National Association of Parliamentarians http://www.parliamentarians.org
The Official Roberts Rules of Order Website http://www.robertsrules.com